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Colorado Rockies/Hardy Astrom

I was watching a Colorado Rockies compilation dvd someone put togther years ago with various fights,goals and interviews with Lanny McDonald,Chico Resch,etc.

to my suprise there was alot of excellent quality footage on there and I mean A+ crystal clear stuff.I was pretty amazed as this footage was circa the late 70s and very early 80s.

I was wondering if any of these regular season full games exist,just going by the footage that was on the compilation....

Flyers vs Rockies Peeters vs Astrom
Leafs vs Rockies Astrom vs Paul Harrison
Bruins vs Rockies Al.Smith vs Astrom (bench clearing brawl game)
Kings vs Rockies Rutheford vs Resch
Rockies vs Rangers Thomas(apple mask)
Rockies vs BlackHawks Veisor
Rockies vs Islanders Resch's first game vs his former team the Islanders

Id be very interested in trading for these games if anyone has them.


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Re: Colorado Rockies/Hardy Astrom

Did you ever get these games?


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