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READ New Membership/Sign up Rules *04/2010*

From Now on, due to constant multiple usernames and me not knowing who the h*ll is actually on this page as well as legal liabilities, future usernames will be the members real name. First Initial and then last name is fine. So sign up like that on runboard first then email me the username to email below.

Current members are granfathered in.

If any member does not post within 6 months username will be removed. I am trying to encourage participation. If you do not post in this amount of time IMO you don't need a login..

emailing omnibusspresss@[sign in to see URL] is the only way you can gain access to this board.
All other computerized applications will be denied.

I will need a real email (which will be kept confidential) (as opposed to yahoo or hotmail or gmail), Your REAL name, phone number and why you want to join.


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