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Gilles Villemure

    I didn`t wear a mask until I was 26 years old. In the mask you sweat alot, and the sweat gets in your eyes and everything, and you can`t breathe. It`s a pain. But it has it`s obvious benefits. Which is why Ifinally went to one in 1966.
     I was with the Rangers in camp in 1966. I wound up playing 70 games in Baltimore that year. I didn`t make the Rangers, but I decided to go to the mask because everyone else was starting to wear them. I had to put one on. And mine was different than just about any other. Iopened up the eyes on my mask and opened up my moth, because I couldn`t breathe. When your not used to a mask, you can`t breathe and can`t see, so I opened up my eyes and mouth, like a smile. emoticon
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