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Sawchuck, again!

When Sawchuck decided to wear a mask he had Wilson make one up. It was a sheet of glass with the inverted “Tee” mouth hole and two smallish eye openings. There are photos around of him modeling it. Apparently Sawchuck did not like the mask and put it aside for a season or two before revisiting it again. The same mask was modified with more holes added for ventilation and the eyes were opened up. They claim it is his only mask, I have always had doubts, only because his mask sometimes appears to have been painted white yet in others the mask seems to be a raw glass color that yellowed and darkened with time. The HOF mask is raw glass and almost dark brown. Perhaps it was stripped , or more glass was applied and left raw at some time in it’s history. There is also a story of his mask being damaged and a trainer trying to repair it. That mask was signed and given to the trainer. He was with LA at the time, he played after that with always with a mask.

I was wondering if Sawchuck ever used the un-modified mask in a game, or did it simply not work in practice and was abandoned without further trials.

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