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Glenn Miller making vintage gear again Sept 1 2017.

As of Sept 1 2017 Glenn Miller will be retiring from Vaughn and he told me tonight he will be taking orderes for vintage goalie Pads, Bourdon Style Blockers (Blue and Red) and Cooper Style Vintage Gloves and of course his own vintage Miller pads worn by Vachon etc.. he can be reached at shoepatcher@[sign in to see URL] and I had a set of Kenesky replicas made by Glenn a few years back. Deer hair stuffed. Attached are photos of some of his replica work. The man really does not need to make replicas as his own pads are legendary but he will be able to make YOU what ever you want, any custom size after Sept 1 2017. For those who want to budge to the front of the line you can email him. Please don't ask me for prices. THX.

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