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Schools of Thought

It’s interesting to look at two different schools of masks. Guys like Cesar Maniago, Jim Rutherford, Terry Sawchuck, Tony Espo. etc went from bare faced to early masks (Wilson’s, pretzels, etc) and then better made masks but never to ones that covered their ears or much of their heads. Tony O was kind of a strange case; his mask did not change but he kept adding stuff to it to make it a full coverage mask, why he never had another fuller mask made is beyond me, he saw the need to protect himself, but tried to make an obsolete mask better rather than starting over with something more evolved.

 Others started the same bare faced but quickly progressed to masks with much more coverage, and with very few exceptions never went back. Gilbert went from a full Higgins to a ¾ while with Boston; Favell’s last Harrison had a slight clip off the top, Gary Smith went from a full Higgins to a ¾ Holmuth while with Vancouver but was soon in full head Harrison masks. But by and large it was rare to see a full mask wearer with a smaller mask again.

The other thing that seemed constant was the chin design, a lot of guys who wore open chin masks (Fibros, Holmuth’s etc) never changed nor did closed chin (Higgins) guys for the most part. The later mask makers even offered both styles of chins for their clients.

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