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It seems that the wood stick is alive and well

I started off with the foam core sticks. I am just not a fan of how they dent, or how bits of foam chunk off of the paddle when you poke check. Everybody who uses them tell me how they suddenly feel like a wet noodle at the end of their lifespan. They are super easy to customise.

So, I saw a wood stick on clearance, a Warrior Swagger Wood. I bought one and LOVED it. Everything was there that I wanted PLUS it was lighter weight than the two Reebok foam cores I bought really cheap. So, I bought another, which was the Warrior Woodrow. It is taped up and ready to go at a moment's notice. I do abuse my sticks a bit more than average, as I smack the stick down to goad a shooter into making a bad shot (and sometimes it works QUITE well 😀).

Last game I played, I noticed a few splinters on the paddle, as well as a blown up toe. I want to get my replacement in the queue before too long, though a new job will probably only allow me to play once per week soon.

To my horror, I only saw full right Warrior Swagger Wood on clearance! *shriek!* My trusty Swagger Wood is taped up like a mummy to prevent any more damage, and is relegated to spare status.

Thankfully, when I had queried on another forum,an eagle-eyed millenial found me another cache of wood sticks. Even Warrior still has one that is made in Canada. I'm trying a Brian's Timber, as it is more than likely made by Heritage (being THE mass-produced wood stick source these days).

I don't understand why stick paddles are not fully glassed, as the paddle can still blow up where there is no glass. But I am over the moon that I can still, for the time being, buy wood goal sticks. Wood is good, period.
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