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Combining wet and dry lay up during laminating process

Hi Everyone

Its been a while since I've been able get back on this site and be able to post or contribute.
Just a quick question for some of you who have been making masks over the past little while, when it comes to doing your hand layups. Do any of you find yourselves using a combination of both "wet" and "dry" layup of solid layers of cloth, based on the complexity the mask style that you are working on. For example doing a layup for a Fibrosport mask may be slightly more challenging due to the sharper vertical ridge down the center of the mask, that would cause "tenting or pulling away" from the center if you used the dry method exclusively, as opposed to maybe going wet layup first on a layer followed by a lay of dry etc.

This would be different from doing a lay up i.e. for a Higgins or Cossette where there are no ridges / sharper areas so doing a dry layup shouldn't be too much of an issue . What have been your experiences with encountering some of these obstacles.

For me personally, I find that the layup process for a mask depends on the specific style that I'm making. What may work for one specific style of mask, may not necessarily work for another.

I'm interested on your take on this. My apologies if this has been discussed before or if my terminology may not be clear. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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